Trading and Sales in Power Generation and Distribution
We are one of the main suppliers of electrical materials, instrumentation and industrial equipment for Electricite Du Liban (EDL) Power Stations.
Trading and Sales in Water Distribution and Water Treatment
We supply all kinds of hydraulic and mechanical equipment and chemical products for "Ministry of Water and Electricity", "Beirut Water Authority" and all other water authorities.
Contracting in
Electrical Projects
We have undertaken many Electrical Projects in Zouk and Jieh Power Stations where we have executed and accomplished successfully many turnkey projects with the assistance of specialized personnel from the constructor's firms.
Contracting in
Waterworks Projects
We are one of the main contractors in many Water Authorities such as the Ministry of Water and Electricity, Beirut Water Authority, Tyre Water Authority, etc.
Burotec was established in Beirut in 1975 under commercial register no. 540I (Baabda), its head office is located in Beit Mery, Metn with a branch in Furn El Chebbak, Beirut, Lebanon. Its business consists of the general trading of electrical and mechanical equipment, as well as the contracting in the electrical and water projects.

Burotec deals mainly with the public sector in the hydraulic and electrical fields. It has a very fruitful relationship with all the public institutions in Lebanon since 1975, and therefore, it has executed many successful turnkey projects... ... Read More
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